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R&D Pilots

Mini-pilot Plant

The Pilot Department at TAMI is a unique group of people providing a wide range of activities and capabilities. The department consists of chemical engineers, chemists, operators, and technical staff and is supported by advanced analytical services, Corrosion and Waste Management departments.

The team has rich experience in a wide range of fields of chemical engineering. The pilot department provides our customers with a chance for both R&D and production activities which can be performed on a semi-industrial scale in a variety of areas of wet and dry chemistry.

Process simulations, thermochemical and physical tests, chemical reactions under different conditions, batch and continuous processes, hydrogenations, crystallization, separation, liquid extraction, refining, drying and ion exchange are all part of our activities.

We also provide in-depth literature reviews using our company's access to the most comprehensive and extensive databases of chemical literature and professional risk assessments (HAZOP) of our customers' chemical processes.

The work is carried out according to established methodology for process safety and based on many years of experience both in the development of various processes and products, as in the preparation of samples on a semi-industrial scale. Pilot and mini pilot departments provide end-to-end integrated services from process design and development to large scale manufacturing, approved by ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, facilities with emphasis on process safety and according to customers' requirements.

Field of activity:

  • Process development – from idea to product:

    Among our main and strongest capabilities is industrial R&D. Product or process development can be carried out in a number of ways. The request for product development can be received directly from the customer. After examining the request and conducting a professional literature review, several options for further work collaboration are suggested.. Alternatively, the R&D can be based on information supplied by the customer – either from scientific papers, academic work or preliminary tests that have been already performed on a laboratory scale. In these cases, we can perform an analysis of the existing information considering aspects of safety, quality, environmental issues, process efficiency and if required also propose alternative routes which best target our customers' needs. Process development can include thermochemical analysis by RC1 calorimeter and different simulations by ASPEN PLUS and Visimix. In some cases, a HAZOP study can be done for highly dangerous processes. By the end of each project, a detailed report which includes work description, results, conclusions and a list of recommendations is supplied to the customer.
  • Sample preparation on a sub-industrial scale:

    One of the critical stages in new product development is the market development stage. This stage requires the ability to provide potential customers with products that meet all the specifications. The production of the product, even at this stage, must be consistent and reproducible, supplied on time and in desired quantities. This type of activity cannot be performed on a laboratory scale. On the other hand, building a full-scale facility involves high costs and valuable time that are usually nonexistent. Tami is a one-stop-shop facility, flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of processes in terms of operating parameters, scales and equipment. The variety of types and sizes of equipment in our facilities and the advanced analytical support services available at TAMI provide our customers with the ability to develop, optimize and produce their product on our site until the launching of a full-scale production facility.. Our team's high level of professionalism and extensive experience in a wide range of areas, enable our customers to complete products of the highest quality, in the shortest time and sometimes even at short notice. When required, our team will continue to accompany the process at the customer facility for full technological transfer.

  • Process optimization on existing plants:

    In many cases it is necessary to improve and optimize processes at existing plants. In such cases we accompany the activity at the plant, analyzing the existing process while examining Its critical steps. Comprehensive work is then carried out, including examining the various stages, performing required simulations, laboratory trials and testing the ideas for improvement. Then the chosen solutions are tested on the mini-pilot and pilot scale to provide the necessary parameters for the plant. The adjustment of the proposed changes in the customer facility is then fully accompanied by the TAMI team.

Our Facilities

  • Mini Pilot Plant:

    The TAMI mini-pilot plant is a 1600 m2, permanent multi-purpose facility for rapid process development on a small scale (up to several kilograms per batch), handling work temperatures between -20 to 300oC. The mini-pilot facility contains an adjacent laboratory supporting us with instant analytical services when needed, and several isolated rooms for carrying out dangerous reactions at high pressures.

    Main equipment:

    Laboratory reactors of 0.5-10 liters. A variety of glass-lined reactors with a volume of 25, 50, 100 liters. Metallic reactors with a volume of 30-250 liters and a variety of pressure reactors with volumes of 0.5-250 liters. Separation equipment - distillation columns, centrifuges (basket, filler, decanter and clarifier), membrane system, AFD. Dryers, tray ovens, mixers and other units. In addition, there is a wide range of equipment in special fields - RC1 calorimeter reactors for thermochemical analysis of the process, a unique system of microreactors for performing highly exothermic continuous reactions, a continuous ion exchange system, cascade of glass reactors for continuous processes and continuous chromatography IXSEP and spray-drier. All the units in the mini pilot are scalable and provide solutions for a variety of processes in a short time and minimal investment of human resources, raw materials and wastes.

  • Pilot Plants:

    The TAMI R&D pilot plants are sub industrial multi-purpose plants of 1000 m2. The pilot facilities have a variety of equipment units that provide both scale- up capability from lab to pilot scale and production on a sub industrial scale. The pilot facilities are computer controlled and monitored, including alarms/interlocks according to process requirements, providing an additional layer of operational safety and ensures qualified work.

    Main equipment:

    More than 10 reactors of different construction materials containing 100 to 2000 liters suitable for both pressure and deep vacuum work, in a temperatures range of between -30 to 230oC. Various separation, extraction and drying equipment, such as distillation and extraction columns, mixer-settlers, centrifuges, AFDs, drying equipment, spray dryer etc. With a variety of tools and facility flexibility , solutions can be provided for almost any activity according to process requirements and customer needs. All this with emphasis on process safety, product quality and schedule requirements.


 We offer:

  • Extensive knowhow in various areas of the chemical industry
  • Highly professional, experienced and multidisciplinary staff
  • Complete process development – scale up from lab to pilot, sub-industrial and industrial scale
  • Chemical process scale down.
  • Preparation of samples for market development
  • Flexible facilities to accommodate a variety of processes in terms of operating parameters, scales and equipment.
  • Controlled and flexible chemical process design
  • Process simulation by ASPEN PLUS, VISIMIX simulators for modeling and optimization.
  • Thermochemical reactions studies, process safety analysis.
  • Batch or continuous operation, wet or dry chemistry
  • Process engineering services: proper choice of unit operations and material construction, comprised of PFD diagrams, batch records, full process and data analysis, DOE studies
  • In-depth literature reviews on chemicals and chemical processes
  • Professional risk assessments (HAZOP) for chemical processes and equipment
  • Minimal manpower, raw materials & wastes
  • Integral development of process waste management
  • Significant savings in process development costs and time

Our capabilities:

  • Multipurpose R&D mini-pilot and chemical pilot plants
  • Process development based on data supplied by the customer
  • Process improvement, verification, de-bottlenecking
  • Preparation of samples for market development