TAMI (IMI) Central R&D Inst.
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R&D Pilots

Mini-pilot Plant

The TAMI mini-pilot plant is a 1600 m2, permanent multi-purpose Facility, for rapid process development on a small scale (up to several kilograms). The mini pilot plant enables reduction of the time required to get new products to the market, by using a scale-down technique that gives full process definition at the 25-250L scale.

The micro reactor enables study of highly exothermic reactions under safe conditions and the study of reactions of high-value reactants using a minimum quantity of material.

We offer:

  • Scale down of industrial equipment
  • Complete process development at small scale
  • Controlled and flexible design
  • Computer controlled and with ASPEN PLUS, CHETAH and VISIMIX simulators for modeling and optimization
  • Batch or continuous operation
  • Minimal manpower, raw materials & wastes
  • Significant savings in process development costs and time

Our capabilities:

  • Process development based on data supplied by the customer
  • Process improvement, verification, de-bottlenecking
  • Preparation of samples for market development