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TAMI IMI Management and the QA Department are committed to:

  1. Ensuring the highest level of quality in all services
  2. Viewing the human resource as a main asset and providing adequate conditions and resources for training, instruction, encouragement and motivation of its employees to improve performance and service quality.
  3. Supplying all required resources to ensure the conformity of test facilities and studies with the quality principles laid out.
  4. Continuous improvement of the effectiveness of management and quality of service laboratories.
  5. Carrying out reviews of the quality system and providing the necessary personnel with required training, responsibilities, and authority.
  6. Performing regular internal audits in accordance with a pre-approved schedule.
  7. Monitoring, evaluating and implementing programs to improve the quality level of the services provided. This will include inspection of deficiencies, investigation of complaints and out-of-specification results, processes of change control, risk analysis and conclusion-drawing which are followed by implementation of corrective and preventative actions to avoid re-occurrence of deficiencies and ensuring that new quality levels are reached.