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Chemical Composition Analysis

IMI offers its analytical and physical testing services to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, to environmental protection authorities, to producers of foodstuffs and cosmetics and to other industrial and commercial companies that need chemical analytical services and tests. The Chemical Analyses Laboratory at IMI are carried out by a trained, experienced group of chemists and technicians. We pride ourselves on our ability to tackle and solve complex analytical problems. We are experts in:

  • Analyses of ores and metals
  • Analyses of complex organic and inorganic mixtures
  • Trace analysis
  • Analyses of wastes and wastewater
  • Chemical analysis of foodstuffs and cosmetics
  • Air and headspace analysis
  • Active Pharmaceutical Intermediate (API) analysis
  • Water, wastewater, sea water, sludge, sediment and pollutant analysis
  • Pesticide and biocide analysis