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HPLC, GC, IC – liquid, gas, and ion chromatography.

TGA and DSC – Thermal analysis for determination of H2O%, Tg, Tc, Tm

ICP-MS, ICP-OES and AAS – quantitative elemental analysis

XRD – X-Ray powder Diffraction – Crystallographic phase determination

EA – Elemental analysis, C, H, N, S, O

TOC - Total Organic Carbon

COD - Chemical Oxygen Demand 

FTIR, UV/VIS  spectrophotometry

MFA – Mercury fluorescence analyzer – determination of mercury

SEM – Scanning electron microscope

EDS – Energy dispersive spectroscopy

PSD – Particle size distribution analysis – Measurement of size and size distribution of particles using a Malvern instrument in a dry or a wet environment.

BET – Powder surface area measurement

Hg porosity – Determination of pore size and area using a mercury porosimeter.

pH, Conductivity

Viscosity and density for solids, liquids and mixtures

GPC - Calculation of molecular weight distributions of polymers

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance - 1H, 13C, 31P, 15N and 19F  NMR

GC, GC/MS - Qualitative and quantitative analysis

HPLC, HPLC/MS - Qualitative and quantitative analysis

Direct MS 

Preparative HPLC

GPC - Calculation of molecular weight distributions of polymers

GFC - Calculation of molecular weight distributions of proteins, peptides and sugars