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Flame Retardancy Testing

Flame Retardancy Testing & Developing

The IMI Fire Retardancy Group has extensive experience in the field of FR's, both halogenated and non-halogenated, and can assist in developing flame retardant formulations. The Group deals not only with regular plastic polymers but also with polyurethane foam and textiles

UL-94 - vertical specimens

LOI (Limiting Oxygen Index) ASTM D-2863 - with a FIRE (UK) automatic instrument

B2 (DIN 4102) - Flame retardancy standard for rigid polyurethane foams and sheets

California TB 117 A&D - for flexible polyurethane foams

FMVSS-302 for Motor vehicle Safety

UN Test O.1 for Oxidizing Solids of Division 5.1- Transportation of Dangerous Goods, classification and Packing group assignment (Fertilizers, chemicals)