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Inorganic synthesis

Inorganic synthesis

Fertilizers and phosphoric acid play a leading role in the history of TAMI. Work on these fields has allowed us to develop and adapt new technologies in the field of inorganic chemistry R&D. The Inorganic Chemistry department can help you in fields such as beneficiation of ores and raw materials, liquid-liquid extraction, ion-exchange processes, membrane separations, and crystallization techniques. We also have teams specializing in advanced ceramics and powder technology.

Unlike organic synthesis, inorganic reactions are usually simple (acid/base, redox, precipitation etc.) and the main challenges of an inorganic process and product development are the chemo physical properties of the product, the reaction parameters and separation and purification stages. All types of inorganic manipulations can be done at our labs at up-to pilot scale, with all types of inorganic raw materials (acids, bases, salts, metals etc.), from idea to full process design.