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Nano Process Development

Nano Process Development

The Nano field at TAMI is based on years of experience specializing in bottom up process engineering from a lab feasibility study in the mini pilot to industrial pilot scale. Over the years, TAMI has provided services to several Nano technology startup companies.

We offer among other things, full scale filtration/concentration of Nano material in membrane separation, continuous system for concentration of Nano suspensions – laboratory, pilot and sub-industrial scale units.

We have at our disposal the following:

  • Corning microreactor for multi-phase reactions. The micro reactor enables study of highly exothermic reactions under safe conditions and the study of reactions of high-value reactants using a minimum quantity of material.
  • LabStar Mill (Netzch) for suspensions preparation in Nano scale.
  • Multipurpose glass, glass-lined, stainless steel and Hastelloy C reactors of mini pilot & pilot scale from 16 liters up to 2000 liter.
  • Particles size distribution 0.1-1000 Nanometer (Anton Par).