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Crystallization stage in chemical processes


Many of the chemical processes include a crystallization stage. To obtain a specific product and a robust process, basic thermodynamic data is required; such as solubility as function of temperature, field of crystallization of the required product and influence of the concentration of impurities. Part of this data is collected in collaboration with the Thermo-Chemistry 1 department. If required for a new process, the solid-liquid phase diagram related to the considered system can be built based on chemical and XRD analyses. Collecting this data helps define the optimum route for crystallization.

The laboratory tests are carried out first in batch conditions, but if required, the tests can be carried out in conditions simulating a continuous process.

The habit and particle size distribution (PSD) of the crystals can be determined on-line with the help of the Lazantech device and end-received particles analyzed by the Scanning Electronic Microscope and particle size distribution analyzer available at IMI. To scale up the process a pilot-scale 100 liter forced circulation crystallizer is also available at IMI.

A Glass and Stainless column equipped with a controlled thermostat allows for the evaluation of products purification by melting crystallization in a temperature ranging -20 - +180oC.