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Thermo - Chemistry


TAMI (IMI) Thermochemistry Laboratory

The thermochemical studies are done in a special calorimeter (RC1). In these studies, different thermochemical parameters and thermal profile of the process are determined.

In our thermochemical laboratory at Tami there are 3 different reactors – 0.5- and 2-liter glass reactors and a 1.8-liter StSt pressure reactor. We have the possibility to study different reactions and processes from deep vacuum up to 60 bars. The parameters that can be determined are: Cp, DH (real time calorimetry) with or without evaporation of the solvent and adiabatic DT of the reaction (which is known to be an important factor for any safety consideration during the process and plant design).

Thermochemical Analysis

Thermochemical analysis is a very important stage for any new developed process and for significant changes in existing plants, for example – raw material replacing or change in reaction temperature. Insufficient knowledge or disregarding thermochemical analysis can lead to unstable process conditions with irreversible results or extreme safety incidents.