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Accessibility Statement
Medical cannabis in TAMI


TAMI-CAN: Medical cannabis in TAMI

Cannabis analytical services under GMP  accreditations

  • Test performance in QC-PHARMA laboratory under GMP, GLP  Accreditation
  • Validated Analytical Methods in cannabis matrixes: HPLC, LOD, KF, ICP-MS
  • Ability to perform pharmacopeia testing in a variety of cannabis products
  • Proven experience in testing Cannabis Inflorescence, Oil and API's at TAMI
  • Services for producers and growers for a full support package
  • Method development, validation capabilities and expertise in cannabis analyses according to customer requests.


Analytical R&D services in Cannabis

  • Method development in cannabis MATRIX
  • Solvent Extraction of active substances: cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids (including high-pressure.
  • Chemical structure elucidation for cannabis products
  • Material characterization for product submission
  • Experience with different Cannabis matrixes: API's, Oil, Inflorescence, etc.
  • Active material separation and purification by preparative methods


Nutrients analyses for cannabis growers

  • In modern agriculture, high yields and product quality are controlled by advanced fertilization programs. These are based on macro and micronutrients analysis of the field and crop.
  • Detecting nutrient deficiencies is crucial for crop health and productivity.
  • For Cannabis, better control and understanding of the nutrient use and absorbance by the plant, may also allow different product qualities.
  • At TAMI we have vast experience in Macro and Micronutrients analysis in soil and leaves for many crop types.
  • We have now expanded these capabilities to Macro and Micronutrients analysis in cannabis Leaves
  • Option for special Fertilizer adjustment for each cannabis plant paired with agronomical guidance – in partnership with ICL Fertilizers and Chemicals (Deshanim)
  • We offer growers, agronomists, and producers the following analytical services for cannabis leaves:
    • Macro nutrients: N, P, K, Ca, Mg
    • Micronutrients: Fe, Zn, Mn, S etc.