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Medical cannabis in TAMI


TAMI-CAN: Medical cannabis in TAMI

Cannabis analytical services under GMP and ISO17025* accreditations

  • Test performance in QC-PHARMA laboratory under GMP and GLP Accreditation.
  • Validated Analytical Methods in cannabis matrixes: HPLC, LOD, KF, ICP-MS.
  • Ability to perform pharmacopeia testing in a variety of cannabis products.
  • Proven experience in testing Cannabis Inflorescence, Oil and API's at TAMI.
  • Services for producers and growers for a full support package.
  • Method development, validation capabilities and expertise in cannabis analyses according to customer requests.
  • * Recently Audited by ISRAC for IS017025 accreditation in cannabis MATRIXES.

Analytical R&D services in Cannabis

  • Method development in cannabis MATRIX.
  • Solvent Extraction of active substances: cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids (including high-pressure).
  • Chemical structure elucidation for cannabis products.
  • Material characterization for product submission.
  • Experience with different Cannabis matrixes: API's, Oil, Inflorescence, etc.
  • Active material separation and purification by preparative methods.

Nutrients analyses for cannabis growers

  • In modern agriculture, high yields and product quality are controlled by advanced fertilization programs. These are based on macro and micronutrients analysis of the field and crop. Detecting nutrient deficiencies is crucial for crop health and productivity.
  • For Cannabis, better control and understanding of the nutrient use and absorbance by the plant, may also allow different product qualities.
  • At TAMI we have vast experience in Macro and Micronutrients analysis in soil and leaves for many crop types.
  • We have now expanded these capabilities to Macro and Micronutrients analysis in cannabis Leaves.
  • Option for special Fertilizer adjustment for each cannabis plant paired with agronomical guidance – in partnership with ICL Fertilizers and Chemicals (Deshanim)
  • We offer growers, agronomists, and producers the following analytical services for cannabis leaves:
    • Macro nutrients: N, P, K, Ca, Mg.
    • Micronutrients: Fe, Zn, Mn, S etc.
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