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Wastewater Treatment & Water Analysis

Biological, Chemical and Physical Treatments of Wastewater and Water

IMI has recently turned its attention to the field of wastewater treatment and wastewater analysis, reflecting the needs of the modern world. Applying an interdisciplinary team approach, IMI has gained expertise in the chemical, physical, biological and engineering aspects of wastewater treatment technology. As a result IMI has developed waste treatment processes in inorganic effluent treatment, metal recovery and organic wastewater treatment. IMI is presently evaluating a novel technology for the disinfection and treatment of municipal wastewater.

Within the framework of waste treatment, IMI can provide analytical testing facilities for most processes, ensuring that they meet the requirements of ecological authorities and international and local government regulations. The laboratory is equipped with specific analytical equipment to determine COD, BOD and TOC with emphasis on industrial wastewater and brines, as well as the determination of dissolved and suspended solids and volatile matter.

  • Surveys of industrial wastes
  • Evaluation of recycling and neutralization possibilities
  • Testing for toxicity of wastewater streams prior to biological treatment
  • Biological, chemical and physical treatments of water and wastewater
  • Performance of flocculation, coagulation, settling and flotation tests
  • Well rehabilitation
  • Water, wastewater, seawater and effluent analysis
  • Residue and sediment analysis
  • Pollutant analysis
  • ZLD – Zero level discharge – concentration of effluents and water recovery by evaporation
  • Water, wastewater, sea water and effluent analysis
  • Biodegradability testing of effluent samples

Examples of supporting wastewater analytical techniques include: BOD, COD, PAH, TPH, VOC, TOC, TSS, VSS


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