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Chemical Engineering

Chemical & Process Engineering Services at IMI

Chemical Engineering

Process Engineering at IMI is an integrated, interdisciplinary effort involving research chemists, process engineers and design engineers, supported by IMI analytical services, corrosion, safety and waste water treatment departments and accompanied by IMI QA staff.

The process development services include developing complete industrial processes from basic concepts, improving single steps, de-bottlenecking, troubleshooting and production in ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 approved facilities according to customers' requirements, with production under cGMP conditions being available.

In addition, IMI provides various engineering solutions for raw materials recycling and waste treatment for specific waste steams and/or for the whole factory streams.

IMI Integral Process Development approach

The integral method for process development, applied in IMI, ensures the most efficient route to a complete process development:

  1. Literature survey.
  2. Process and data analysis.
  3. Process Safety Analysis, HAZOP, "what-if" scenarios and stability tests.
  4. Generation of data for definition of reaction and down-stream operations with emphasis on process safety (heat of reaction, kinetics, physical constants etc.).
    • Study using RC-1 calorimeter of process thermochemistry. Measurement of heat of reaction, reaction kinetics, detection of eventual potential runaway phenomena.
    • Phase equilibrium (vapor pressure, solubility, distribution coefficient).
    • Physical constants (density, viscosity, interfacial tension).
    • Study of crystallization process using FBRM (Focused Beam Reflectance Measurement) and PVM (Particle Video Microscopy) for the study in real time of crystal habit and size.
  5. Choice of unit operations, testing and evaluation of corrosion, choice of material of construction.
  6. Computerized simulation using ASPEN, CHETA, VISIMIX.
  7. Scale up, process design and choice of equipment. Process flow diagram issued (PFD) for client approval.
  8. Integral development of process waste management.
  9. Process verification on mini pilot scale.


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