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Corrosion Testing

Standard working methods

  • CorrosionThe IMI Corrosion Laboratory operates under ISO 9001 certification. Testing is performed following ASTM, SII and other standardization authorities' methods.

Fields of Activity

  • Following the development of corrosion in various working environments using specialized techniques and state of the art equipment
  • Measuring the effect of corrosive substances over a wide range of temperature and pressure
  • Development of corrosion inhibitors
  • Trials of a wide range of building materials including a recommendation on suitable structure
    • Metals and alloys
    • Metallic, ceramic and plastic coatings
    • Rubber and plastic materials
    • Concrete, refractories and ceramic materials
    • Paints
  • Characterization of corrosion products and scale
  • Development of methods for the chemical cleaning of industrial equipment without damaging the protective layer
  • Consultancy
  • Advising on lawsuits
  • Test methods of construction materials
  • Characterization of corrosion failure

Our target clientele

  • Chemical and plastics products manufacturers
  • Food and pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Power station and cooling tower owners
  • Industrial plant constructors
  • Manufacturers of desalination and water treatment plants
  • Manufacturers of alternative and novel building materials
  • Construction paint manufacturers
  • Manufacturers of concrete flooring for chemical plant
  • Environmental authorities
  • A wide range of clients that have corrosion problems


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