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Technological Facilities

A wide spectrum of technologies is available at IMI


Fermentations, Phosgenations, Arbusov Reactions, Low Temperature Reactions (to -100°C), Peroxide Degradations, Isocyanate Chemistry, NACP's, Cyclic Peptides, Peptidomimetics, DAPT etc..


Analytical equipment and facilities

IMI offers its analytical and physical testing services to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, to environmental protection authorities, to producers of foodstuffs and cosmetics and to other industrial and commercial companies that need chemical analytical services and tests. Analyses at IMI are carried out by a trained, experienced group of chemists and technicians to answer all your needs including your questions relating to environmental testing at your organization. An expert staff analyze air samples as required by Ministry of Labour regulations and in compliance to NIOSH methods.

IMI has been authorized for a 5 year term to conduct Quality Analyses of Pesticides for the Ministry of the Environment.

The laboratories at IMI are equipped with state of the art equipment and instrumentation carefully selected to answer the needs of the largest chemistry R&D institute in Israel and support IMI expertise in:

  •          Analysis of ores and metals
  •          Analysis of complex organic and inorganic mixtures
  •          Trace analysis
  •          Analysis of wastes and wastewater
  •          Chemical analysis of foodstuffs and cosmetics
  •          Chromatography 
  •          Air and headspace analysis


IMI offers Research and Development services to companies in the plastics industry. Our services include formulation development, compounding, injection moulding and testing and analysis of thermoplastic materials.

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Publications |Site Map |News