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Support Facilities

Library and information

IMI has an extensive library staffed by a full-time librarian and information specialist available freely to the research staff. Much of the acquisition is of individual articles, patents and standards available for online purchase or free over the internet. The researchers can order expert searches in online databases such as those provided by STN or use Scifinder to conduct their own searches.
In addition the researchers have access to a terminal connected to the Internet for independent use.

Technical services

The research and development at IMI is supported by an extensive and experienced Technical Services Department. This is divided into electronic and instrumentation, mechanical, electrical and design departments. The day-to-day maintenance is performed jointly with our sister company, Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd.

Computing services

All the researchers at IMI are equipped with personal computers interconnected by the Local Area Network. The network is used for printing, backup, e-mail and accessing the ICL intranet system which connects ICL sites worldwide and accesses many ICL utility programs and resources. In addition, dedicated simulation programs are available on our servers, and the pilot and mini-pilot facilities are computer controlled. The analytical laboratories have their own laboratory management program to which the analytical instruments are connected and results recorded.

Central Store

The Central Store has been an integral part of the company since its formation in 1952. The Store is divided into two primary sections, the Chemicals and Laboratory Equipment Store and the Technical Store. The TAMI central store operates in partnership with the central store of our sister company, Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd..

The Chemicals and Laboratory Equipment Store supplies chemicals, glassware and other routine items to all the laboratories and keeps in stock a wide range of common materials, the remainder being ordered in response to the needs of the R & D staff. Since the Store's inception, over 6500 chemicals and 3000 types of laboratory apparatus have been listed in the catalogue.

The Technical Store supplies the Technical Services Department and through them the R & D effort, from the laboratory level to the pilot level. This section stocks essential replacement parts and routine building, construction and maintenance materials, while over 7000 items are kept in stock.

The Store is staffed by an experienced and expert team who enable a smooth flow of items as required.

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Publications |Site Map |News