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Sediment Analysis

Sediments are an important part of the marine, estuarine and fluvial ecosystems and can easily be contaminated by man-made pollutants. These pollutants can have a long term effect on the environment and, for this reason, it is necessary to analyze the sediments for pollutants.

The IMI laboratories can supply analytical services and sediment analysis in this field.

The way to measure the health of sediment and to identify the types and levels of pollutants is to perform sediment analysis. Sediment analysis can provide knowledge of processes that will predict the future of our planet. More down-to-Earth uses also exist. Data from sediment analysis can be used for many functions, including to:

  • Study past climate changes
  • Evaluate waste disposal proposals
  • Sustain healthy shores
  • Maintain slope stability and determine the impact of gas hydrate releases
  • Locate sources of soil to dredge for beach re-nourishment
  • Determine sites for offshore cables and platforms
  • Locate underwater mineral sources
  • Understand how benthic habitats aid fisheries

When your project requires sediment analysis, our scientists can provide the services you need. Our industrial scale laboratory analytical services do complex ultra-trace analysis using specialized instruments for such tests as mass spectroscopy and gas chromatography.
Our testing services are reliable and meet all data requirements of standard validation criteria.

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