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QC (Pharma)

QC (Pharma) Laboratory

The TAMI QC(Pharma) Lab is the analytical lab responsible for analyses under GLP and GMP conditions.


  • Certified for GLP under OECD Guidelines and ISO/IEC 17025
    both certifications by the Israel Laboratory Accreditation
    Authority (ISRAC)
  • Certified for GMP by the Ministry of Health.
  • Authorized by the Ministry for Environmental Protection to
    perform pesticide analysis
  • Audited by the FDA

Types of tests

• Development of new analytical methods according to requirements

• Verification and validation of analytical methods

• 5 batch analysis

• Stability testing over a range of temperature and humidity

• Testing according to monographs of USP, EP, BP, JP, FCC etc.


• ICP-MS –Quantitative elemental analysis, Heavy metals

• HPLC – Liquid chromatography with RI, PDA, UV/VIS detectors

• GC – Gas chromatography with FID, TCD detectors

• AA – Atomic absorption spectrometry with graphite furnace

• EA – C, H, N, S, O elemental analysis

• FTIR – Equipped with ATR

• OR, SOR – Optical rotation

• RI – Refractive index

• Sun chamber – Accelerated degradation testing

Pharma QC

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