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IMI Pilot Plant

The Pilot Plant at IMI enables semi-commercial sample preparation in quantities from a few kilograms up to the first few tons. The pilot facilities are computer monitored and supported by Aspen Plus process simulator, thus providing reliable engineering data on new processes for scale-up to production level. The production may be based on process development at IMI according to the customer's request and specification or on process data supplied by the customer and verified on a small scale at IMI. In both cases the operation is carried out in full coordination with the customer.

Pilot Plant Capabilities

  1. Process study and scale up or scale down.   
  2. Large scale process development.
  3. Semi-commercial sample preparation in quantities of a few kilograms up to the first few tons in an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 approved facility.
  4. Fully automated, including interaction with Aspen Plus, CHETA and VISIMIX simulators.
  5. Production under cGMP requirements.

The Pilot Plant Apparatus

  1. Glass Lined reactors ranging in size from 100 to 1600 litres.
  2. Several Stainless Steel vessels (200 and 2000 litres).
  3. Utilities: oil (300°C), steam (6 atm), brine (-15°C), liquid nitrogen cooling unit (-60°C), vacuum (15 mbar).

The Pilot Downstream Equipment


  1. Up to 8-plate 100-200 mm diameter glass distillation columns.
  2. 20-plate 300 mm diameter stainless steel distillation column.
  3. Evaporation: Rotovapor, thin/wiped film evaporator, vacuum/pressure  dryer .

Crystallization: Batch crystallizers.

Filtration: Centrifuges (basket, peeler etc.), decanting centrifuges, belt filter, pressure filter, agitated filter dryers.

Drying: Fluidized bed, paddle dryer, rotating double cone, Reactotherm – Kneader reactor.

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