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Mini Pilot Plant

The IMI mini-pilot plant is a 1600 m2 permanent multi purpose unit for rapid process development on a small scale (up to several kilograms). The mini pilot plant enables reduction of the time required to get new products to the market, by using a scale-down technique that gives full process definition at the 25-50L scale.

Mini Pilot Plant


The Mini Pilot Concept

  • Scale down of industrial equipment
  • Complete process development at small scale
  • Controlled and flexible design, computer controlled and with ASPEN, CHETAH and VISIMIX simulators. 
  • Batch or continuous operation
  • Minimal manpower, raw materials & wastes
  • Significant savings in process development costs and time

The Mini Pilot Capabilities

  • Process development based on data supplied by the customer.
  • Process improvement, verification, de-bottlenecking
  • Preparation of samples for market development

The Mini Pilot Equipment

  • 1600 square metres of a fully serviced facility
  • 4 fully ventilated enclosed workstations (6m) 
  • Multipurpose glass, glass-lined, stainless steel and Hastelloy C reactors (16-250L), all installed in walk-in cupboards.
  • 4 high pressure bays with autoclaves ranging between 0.5-20L up to 100 bar
  • RC1 reaction calorimeter
  • RC-1 reactor equipped with FBRM (Focused Beam Reflectance Measurement) and PVM (Particle Video Microscopy) for study in real time of crystal habit and size during the crystallization process
  • Downstream Equipment:
    • Thin/Wiped film evaporators, rotovapors
    • Fractional distillation columns
    • Extraction columns
    • Filters: centrifuges, vacuum and pressure filters
    • Various dryers including spray dryer and paddle dryer
    • Lasentec apparatus for studying crystal size and habit in real time during the crystallization process.


Membrane Technology Capabilities

  • Full range of membranes: focusing on feasibility tests: micro, ultra, nano, reverse osmosis (RO) and forward osmosis (FO) 
  • Laboratory scale high pressure driven membrane units (dead-end and cross flow) suitable for feasibility tests of a wide spectrum of applications
  • Laboratory scale forward osmosis unit suitable for feasibility tests of FO applications 
  • Process development by combination of various types of membranes


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