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ICL Innovation launched!

7 March, 2013

Three months ago, we launched theICL Innovation: ICL’s exciting new technology incubator.

With the goal of accelerating our development of cutting-edge new products and processes, we set out on a technology scouting endeavor to invite the right scientists and entrepreneurs throughout the world to look at ICL as a partner for transforming their innovative ideas into marketable products and processes. As an incubator, ICL is looking for ideas that are relevant for our businesses – whether in the use of our chemistries for new applications or in processes that can improve our efficiency, sustainability and profitability. For the right candidates, ICL Innovation offers unbeatable benefits, including full mentoring, technical support and funding from laboratory development through commercialization, field testing and marketing.

To select candidates, we first look for a match between the entrepreneur’s idea and research and ICL’s own unmet needs. Each project must be “adopted” by one of ICL’s operating segments. Once the project is underway, the adopting segment will take charge of on-going management, assign a “product champion“ and ultimately will be responsible for product commercialization and marketing. To identify the right candidates, we‘ve casted our net far and wide with a technology scouting team which includes Bruene Cremer (Europe & Asia), Anantha Desikan (Americas), Kees Langeveld (Europe), Eyal Ginzberg (TAMI), Eddy Kaufman (ICL Innovation), Reinhard Effenberger (TAMI) and Ziv Kohav (ICL Innovation). Our main focus is on academia, where we expect to find the next generation technological advances that will drive new product directions in the future.

On a practical level, the offer we make to entrepreneurs and Technology Transfer Offices (TTO) is simple and fair: you bring the technology, and we‘ll provide the funding, R&D infrastructure and the team.

Just as important, we will be your experienced, deep-pocketed strategic partner from day one. As compensation, we are willing to commit to Intellectual Property licensing arrangements, milestone payments and/or ongoing royalties on sales. Since launching ICL Innovation, we‘ve visited a number of universities to present our list of focus fields, which includes water, agro, food, fire safety, energy and environment with an emphasis on ICL’s base chemistries. It is inspiring to see the wealth of research and new technologies that are emerging within these categories: from interfering with bacteria “conversations“ (Quorum Sensing) to the development of highly-porous polymers, all the way to the creation of highly-accurate spatial structures that can serve as carriers. Since opening our doors in December, we have already examined 37 ideas, 13 of which have passed into the secondary filtering stage.

As a new venture within ICL, it is necessary to clarify the boundaries of what we are trying to accomplish. We are looking for technologies that can serve a number of business units and that represent long-term projects with a significant R&D component. We will communicate continuously with the business units to guard against interfering with existing projects or duplication of effort. We‘re counting on you, the visitors to the IMI website, to help us map out the unmet needs of our industries, interesting new research and/or new technological innovations and breakthroughs.

Perhaps you are familiar with the work of a researcher that you can recommend to help us address a particular challenge. This is important feedback that could be extremely valuable for our success.

We invite you to browse through our new website, and to contact us with your suggestions or questions.

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