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Reaction Simulations at IMI TAMI

Reaction Simulations

TAMI has been using the Aspen software, including Aspen plus, Aspen batch modeler and Aspen shell and Tubes Exchanger for simulation of processes in chemical plants for over 25 years. A wide range of batch and continuous processes and equipment units   were simulated and designed using Aspen. These include technological schemes, absorption, stripping, distillation, reaction processes, heat exchanger units  etc. Experimental data obtained from the laboratory and pilot plant are used for verification of simulation results and development of reliable models.

The VISIMIX software  is used for simulation and design of reactors operating with liquid, gas and solid phases. Different types of reactors and agitators can be chosen for simulation. Hydrodynamics and heat exchange in  batch and continuous type reactors can be simulated with visualization of flow patterns.