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Accessibility Statement



Medical cannabis in TAMI

Medical cannabis SCOPE OF WORK

  • MOH Medical Cannabis unit (YAKAR) approval
  • Chemical structure characterization & elucidation
  • Extraction and analyses of Cannabinoids and Terpenes
  • Quantification of 9 Cannabinoids by validated HPLC Method
  • Validated methods for KF, LOD, Heavy metals, Residual solvent
  • GMP accreditation for the QC PHARMA laboratory
  • ISO17025 accreditation for Cannabis- in process

TAMI Medical Cannabis VISION:

  • Partnership and cooperation model with Cannabis companies
  • Dedicated Cannabis R&D Laboratory and Mini Pilot
  • Building infrastructure for process R&D: Extraction, Isolation, Formulation
  • Nutrients analyses for cannabis growers
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