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Geology Services

The IMI Geology team members are experienced in a wide range of fields: exploration, mineralogy, geohydrology, geomorphology, geochemistry, seismology and mapping.

The integration of the Geology team with the various laboratory facilities at IMI enables the assembly of a bundle of tests and analyses that is tailored to the client’s needs and leads to a fast response time.
We believe in uncompromising professionalism, with a commitment to the client and to the highest level of service.

As part of IMI we work to a quality assurance system compliant with the most stringent international standards and the ethical code of the Israel Chemicals Ltd. Group.

The team can supply a range of expert services including:

Raw materials and mineral exploration

  • Exploratory surveys
  • Geological mapping
  • Borehole planning and management
  • Volume and quantity estimation
  • Mineralogical and analytical sampling and characterization
  • Geophysical survey interpretation
  • Interpretation of aerial photographs

Planning and infrastructure

  • Geoengineering surveys
  • Hydrological mapping and surveying
  • Geomorphological mapping and surveying
  • Seismic hazard analysis
  • Geological hazard identification
  • Geotechnical borehole management
  • River channelization planning

Water source development and management

  • New well construction
  • Water source management
  • Pollution monitoring
  • Water sampling
  • Development and running models of groundwater flow and pollutant transport

Environmental consultancy

  • Planning and executing surveys for detection and monitoring of soil and water pollutants
  • Historical surveys
  • Landscape restoration
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